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About NRG Hunters, LLC.

Through our corporate partnerships with local LED lighting manufacturers, LED Connection, and lighting wholesaler, Discount Lighting, we’re able to bypass the conventional material distribution model and provide our retrofit customers with factory-direct lighting packages. This streamlined supply chain model delivers better pricing and thus superior ROIs on our clients’ energy conservation projects.

At NRGHunters, we are focused on providing our customers with an unmatched level of professionalism and communication throughout the entirety of their project. Through our focused business model, specialized service offering, and our in-house expertise and capabilities, we seek to elevate ourselves above the fray of the conventional electrical contracting world and position nrgHunters as a professional services company that consistently delivers above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Light Emitting Diodes
Decorative Lighting
Filament Bulb
Abstract Lights
Light Circle
Bouncing Light Balls
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