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High-Efficiency Turnkey Lighting Solutions Provider

Founded in 2018 in Las Vegas, NRG Hunters provides turnkey lighting retrofit services based on best-in-class LED lighting solutions. NRG Hunters specialize in delivering cost-savings lighting projects to commercial and industrial customers as a licensed electrical contractor.  Our turnkey approach combines assessment & design, material, labor, project management, responsible recycling, utility incentives management, and cashflow-positive financing options into one all-inclusive package.

In 2020, NRG Hunters took its proven methods of design and delivery to the national level.  NRG Hunters works with nationwide organizations on standardization to help our clients develop and achieve corporate lighting standards, supporting sustainability, life safety, and asset management goals.  This approach helps unify lighting technologies across facilities portfolios and provides deeper savings through collaborative buying strategies.

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Sustainability & Efficiencies Through Smart Lighting Solutions

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Lighting Audits

Know Your Investment & Payback

Our process begins with a detailed onsite assessment and lighting audit of our customers’ facility and meetings to determine customer goals. Our initial needs-analysis process allows us to meet customer CapEx requirements while maximizing lighting system performance. Our team of experienced lighting experts, project managers, and electricians then work together to prepare a detailed solutions package and scope of work, culminating in an economic cost-savings proposal that provides payback and investment ROI calculations.

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Lighting Design Services

Highlight & Protect

Our lighting designers create solutions based on our client’s unique needs and budgets.  With state-of-the-art software and our manufacturing partners, we can provide the most efficient lighting designs possible without sacrificing light levels at or above IESNA standards for a given application. NRG Hunters works with select manufacturing partners to deliver lighting packages based on the latest LED technology platforms with industry-leading lumen efficacy and superior optical designs. So, whether your concerns are highlighting your property and products or safety and security of your employees and patrons, we build a fully customized solution that stands out and saves big.

Turnkey Retrofits

Design to Payback With No Complications

Why deal with other lighting providers who can only take you halfway to your goal. Our team of professionals takes you from scoping your project to submitting for rebates and through projection installation with minimal effort from our clients.  NRG Hunters project are never “cookie cutter” either –NRG Hunters can deliver revenue-grade audits and incorporate custom product designs, extended warranties, and unique financing options to deliver real value and solutions that really work.  Throughout the process, our dedicated project team identifies and eliminates obstacles to maintain a worry-free retrofit. Because we value customer service and communication above all, we ensure our clients are updated every step of the way.

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National Accounts

Your Partner in Standardization

Born in Las Vegas, NRGHunters has a deep understanding of lighting and the various complex needs around real-world lighting design and application.  Our heritage as a Las Vegas company has also given us a strong knowledge of scale through our hospitality, retail, and commercial/industrial clients.  We have honed those skills to offer an approach that ensures sustainability and scalability to our clients across the nation.  We understand that one size does not fit all, and clients face various challenges in how and where they do business, such as Dark Sky Compliance or other complex lighting and controls needs. Therefore, we work with our manufacturers to provide a standardized solution adaptable to those situations, which helps drive down material and installation costs, yielding quicker paybacks.  If the market does not offer the answer, we work to develop one and ensure it is scalable and real-world friendly.

NRG Hunters has a network of installers throughout the nation to help us provide quick and quality service through the project implementation to ongoing maintenance after the project is complete.  Our solutions are designed to be as user-friendly and serviceable as possible, with our team standing by as support and back-up. 

Contact Us

When you’re ready to make the move to LED lighting, don’t brave the wilds of this vast technology on your own, take the Hunters with you – NRGHunters.

4565 West Post Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118

(702) 847-7680

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